About Us

As someone who suffered pain in the lower back area, I, like many other people, never realized the importance of stretching until chronic pain issues developed.  Poor mattress, aging – there are plenty of excuses, but for many, the true problem is lack of flexibility.  After mentioning it to my doctor, I learned that engaging in a stretching routine would improve my hamstring flexibility, and ultimately alleviate or lessen the pain.

I followed my doctor’s instructions and tried the stretches recommended, however the pain was still enough to be frustrating.  I then decided to search online for additional help, when I ran across two very compelling websites which were going to change the way I had been stretching my hamstring muscles (tightness in these muscles can contribute to back pain).  Golfersmd.com offered a video called “How to stretch your Hamstrings Properly” that captured my interest, as did a flexibility machine used by professional golfers called the Strive SmartStretch. While these two sites definitely changed my view of the proper way to stretch and how important it was to keep your back straight, I needed something more – and knew the size and cost of the SmartStretch eliminated it as an option for me.

Ultimately, after substantial trial and error, I invented the FlexAssist, a device that enhances flexibility by creating that extra leverage needed so you can relax and use better form by reaching “up and out” rather than “out and over”; in other words, it’s now possible to focus on particular muscles in order to loosen them up and increase flexibility with a stretching assist device.  Now, my low back pain is gone and I sleep better at night.  I believe you will find the FlexAssist a tremendous benefit if you suffer from lower back pain from muscle tightness or could benefit from improved flexibility!

Jon Bremer- FlexAssist TM  Inventor