The Flex Assist

A recent Consumer Reports article stated that “about 80 percent of the adults in the U.S. have been bothered by back pain at some point.”  Many of those that suffer from back pain could start feeling better and reduce their pain just by simply improving their flexibility!

But it’s no secret that to get the full benefits of a stretching routine you need to be able two things, relax and use proper form(keeping a straight back).  Proper form is a must for improving flexibility in tight hamstrings that are a problem for many people.

The FlexAssistTM helps by using counter-rotational handles that can do some of the work for you.   With simple twists of your wrists, the FlexAssistTM creates that extra leverage needed to help pull you into a deeper, more effective stretch.

The FlexAssistTM also features a numbered connection strap so you can easily track your progress and help improve symmetrical flexibility.  The additional ergonomic handles and the internal quick-release make stretching fast and easy!  And at less than 2lbs, the FlexAssistTM is extremely portable!

If a lack of flexibility is causing you pain and affecting your performance, maybe it’s time to order your FlexAssistTM and start doing something about it!



Want to play more like the pros….then maybe you should start doing more of what the pros do….STRETCH!!

“Flexibility training is a major component of my regimen. My trainer uses different systems to maintain the flexibility I need to be able to release a powerful swing. I stretch up to 40 minutes before each workout. Then I work on my muscles and joints –- from my spine to my toes — to create balance and freedom of movement.”

-Tiger Woods #1 Ranked golfer in the world (see Tigers workout).

“It’s easy to skip flexibility. But it’s amazing what it will do for your game.”

-Natalie Gulbis-LPGA Pro (see article in Men’s Fitness)

“If you want to hit the ball longer…get more flexible!”

-Mike Dobbyn-Remax Long Drive Champ at 551 yards (see video).